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Award Winning On Time Delivery Performance

Logistics Highlights

  • Award Winning On Time Delivery Performance
  • Daily corporate wide WIP management allows us to provide critical information on every order
  • Incorporation in the U.S.A. and Asia providing international coordination
  • Domestic and Offshore logistics teams
  • Logistics experts working around the clock to ensure your On Time Delivery
  • BBG’s bilingual export experts track shipments and manage WIP daily
  • Global inventory management and warehousing
  • Customized VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) and Consignment Program

Flexible Lead Times

  • 3-5 day turn on prototypes and small volume runs
  • 3-5 week turn on production and high volume releases

PCB Logistics Programs

VMI – Vendor Managed Inventory can mean many things. From simply staging your inventory offsite, to managing your MRP and even positioning inventory in a 3rd party warehouse near you. BBG’s logistics team can prepare a customized solution best suited for your needs.

Consignment – Zero lead time! When you have the space and want the flexibility of handling of on-site inventory at no charge, BBG offers the most flexible consignment program in the industry. You can hold up to 90 days of inventory, allowing you to maximize your productivity, reduce your inventory costs and allow BBG to manage shipping and production more efficiently to reduce your pricing and improve our on-time delivery performance.

Global Staging – Wherever you want it! BBG can maintain inventory where you need it. If you need material near your plants around the world, BBG can position that inventory for you. Whether you need your boards ready for you in the U.S.A, Canada, Asia or in the U.K., we can manage that for you. Whenever and wherever you need your boards ready, BBG can manage it for you.

Multi–National Logistics Coordination – When your purchasing decisions are made in one part of the world but the material needs are elsewhere, BBG can seamlessly manage the inventory needs for multi-national customers. BBG can manage and communicate the logistics from production through global positioning of your material requirements around the world.