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The Bare Board Group

Quality Printed Circuit Boards


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Since 2002, the Bare Board Group (BBG) has been striving to create strategic client alliances by consistently excelling in the areas of Quality, Customer Service, Communication, Capabilities, Technical Support and Logistics. We pride ourselves on not differentiating our service levels based on the volume or the technology of a requirement. We understand that quality is a given and commit our entire organizational effort to maintaining the highest quality product and services.

From Prototypes to Production

BBG will service your quick turn prototype, your small volume run as well as your full production requirement. We have plants dedicated to quick turn, small volume and prototype applications. We provide quick turns for your first article or PPAP qualification run through our higher volume and TS16949 certified plants as well. Our quick turn services can be as fast as three days to your dock (for standard 2 and 4 layers) and up to 2 weeks for PPAP volume production runs.

ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations)

Export control regulations exist in the United States to protect national security and to prevent our technology from falling into the wrong hands. Failure to adhere to the export controls can result in criminal prosecution resulting in fines and incarceration. Export controls do not start and end at the point of export from the United States.

Capabilities – quality printed circuit boards (PCBs)

The Bare Board Group, is conscientious and responsive to the needs of each individual customer. We strive to provide our customers with expanded manufacturing capabilities in order to fit the wide variety of quality printed circuit boards (PCBs) they require.

Product Type

Rigid – Flexible Circuits – Rigid Flex – Aluminum/Metal Clad – HDI – RF

Bare Board Group has been providing world class printed circuit boards and award-winning delivery performance and service since 2002. BBG can support your Quick Turn Prototypes, PPAP, and First Article submissions through any size production requirement. Our offshore and domestic manufacturing allows you the best possible solution for your application.


Where high reliability is consistently needed, Bare Board Group provides quality bare circuit boards that are widely used in the Medical Industry.

RF Products

You can always rely on the quality of BBG’s printed circuit boards. Whether it is for a rescue or a different prospective, the reliability of the circuit boards need to be taken in to account.

Test Controls

Where monitoring a process of evaluating and providing feedback is critical, you can depend on BBG’s high quality circuit boards.

LED Lighting

Looking to brighten up your day… BBG can help you fabricate the printed circuit needed to meet the expectations of your end customer.


Printed circuit boards are highly used in today’s Automotive products. As the backbone of the electronic assembly, the bare circuit board is a critical component, allowing you to rely on BBG’s high quality to keep you at ease.


Export control regulations exist in the United States to protect national security and to prevent our technology from falling into the wrong hands. Failure to adhere to the export…


Quality is inherent in what we do. It is how we measure our success because we know it impacts yours. While we are proud of our award winning quality performance, we remain committed to continuous improvement.


BBG is also a secure or “Safe House” to those current or potential customers in the Printed Circuit Board Assembly industry. We respect your need for securing sensitive data as well. Sales to contract manufacturers represent over half of the Bare Board Group’s overall business.


Bare Board Group considers engineering support to be a critical part of both customer service and extension of our commitment to exceptional quality performance.